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Power, Transportation and Communication

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- Our Aeroplug product line provides ground power plugs and cable assemblies to the airmotive industry. 
We build custom cable assemblies for customer specific applications, and also maintain a large supply of stock configurations for immediate delivery. 
This allows our customers to be unburdened of the lengthy lead times, especially in those emergency “got to have it” scenarios.	

Batterymotive – Nabson stocks and distributes a large variety of single and multi-pole connectors ranging from 15 to 350 Amps for use in a multitude of configurations, 
especially the lift truck industry.


–Whether it is 480 volt power jumpers, communication jumpers, pigtails, specialty “Y” connectors or receptacle housings, we provide products that are proven in the industry. 
We have become the leader in wayside power distribution boxes of unmatched durability.

Mining /Stand-by Power  – Our Old Style Pow-R-Gard connectors have been used in the most demanding environments, including ship to shore, submarine docks, transportation and mining industries for decades.
 We provide custom and off the shelf connectors for use in harsh environments which require high levels of dependability. 

Switch Gear  

– Nabson owns the Swing Easy and CPJ switch lines which are used by the smelting and chemical industries when big power and reliability are a must. 
We maintain a large library of switch designs and continue to build and supply replacement parts for those critical  pieces of equipment.

Degree Day Recorders – Our Hidy Brown recorders are used nationwide by oil and gas distributors, as well as labs and testing facilities.

Vacuum Components –  Our Dependex product line has been providing proven quick change vacuum components and plumbing to labs and universities for decades. 
Multi-crosses, elbows, specialty nipples or quick change flanges are available in 2”, 4” and 6” sizes.
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